Affordable group classes began last month. We will accept up to 8 dogs each class, with Laura as the primary trainer and Dave and Erika    assisting. Choose which day works for you, groups will be signed up in six-week packages priced at $120 ($20 per lesson, no discounts apply). Classes are 55 minutes.

First Six Weeks: Intro I Agility
Your dog and you will learn to negotiate all AKC, CPE and NADAC obstacles. You may not be proficient at weaves or the teeter, but you will know how to teach them. The next session begins Tuesday, May 22 @ 6:30 pm.

Second Six Weeks: Intro II Steering
You will spend more time learning to steer and send your dog to obstacles, left and right, and to the finish line, as you progress on weaves and the teeter. You will begin practicing actual trial courses. The next session begins Thursday, May 24 @ 6:30 pm.

Third Six Weeks: Novice I
You will be proficient on all obstacles but may still need more practice on weaves. At this point you may choose to practice on your own for fun, or continue with lessons with a goal for competition. If you decide to compete you will choose an organization and begin practicing actual course maps and heights.

Fourth Six Weeks: Novice 2
You can perform all the obstacles and will work at trialing techniques, both for AKC, CPE or NADAC. We expect your dog to perform at an Intro Nadac trial or Fun Run at this point

Fifth and Forward Six Weeks: Skilled
You are now committed to being a competitive agility dog and handler. Training will be geared for specific trials and more challenging runs on the course. We will also help plan your competitions and often attend as a Team.


This class has expanded and is being held Saturdays 11-noon, and Wednesdays 6-7 pm. It combines basic obedience with good manners and agility skills, as well as socialization--with puppies and people!

Lori handling a gang of excited dogs at the open house.

Recent Graduates

K-9 Training Center

1132 El Centro Ave., Napa   (inside the Valley Brook Equestrian Center)

(707) 704-3863      facebook/astrosagility

We often call ourselves a Country Club for dogs. With over 6,000 square feet of synthetic turf, treats for the dogs and various types of water for people Astro's is a favorite spot for people that want a safe, fun place to play with their dogs!

Here's a group of happy graduates from our Intro 1 and Intro 2 agility classes: From L-R: Patrick and mighty dynamo Dexter, Erica with turbo-powered Sedona, Captain Cheryl with Bobby the magnificent, Laura with bouncy Brixie and Don with master Apollo!

Join a group class today and get into the fun this summer. As they say in agility, Have Fun or Go Home. Photo by Theresa Clyde.

What's New at Astro's

* Resurfaced A-Frame, small teeter and pause tables.

* Canine Good Citizen and AKC Trick classes added.

* Merchandise Available: T-shirts in a variety of styles and high quality English slip leads. Canine Relief, a superior lotion and spray for dogs with allergies and hot spots.

* New group classes added (see right).

* Gearing up for a NADAC summer event in Santa Rosa--will be holding specific classes using actual course plans from the trial.

* Holding gate at entry to ease the excitement of dogs exiting and entering the facility. Also, combination lock so no more keys!

* Schedule posted on the gate and on line so you know when there is free time.

* New articles on  our Paws and People pages: This issue How Smart is Your Dog? and Deadly Dog Flu Hits Napa--must reads.

Have a great summer!


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