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We're Open All Year!

Winter classes 6 & 7 pm weekdays, weekend mornings

Bragging Rights!

by Astro's owner, Laura Dayton

Okay. I know it's not Agility. It's that stuffy world of conformation dog shows like at Westminster, but I do compete in it. This is my fourth Bearded Collie, he's a brown. At 13 months he won the Nationals for best 12-15 month old puppy, and he's headed for more stardom down the road. I'm not sure how far I'll take him, at least to Champion, not sure about Grand Champion. But he'll definitely be an agility dog when he finishes his show. Here he is day of his big win, and at a more recent show in the rain where his handler, Theresa Royer, carried him two football fields to the ring, on her shoulders, so his pretty white feet wouldn't get muddy. They are both champs!!!!

A New Groomer in Town & She's Good!

Rachel brings 10+ years experience to Napa with her In-Home Grooming services. Many of Astro's clients have used her and I've heard nothing but rave reviews. Call her at 707 815-4789.

Our Saturday herding dog class posed for a holiday picture to wish all our pups and people the happiest of holidays and a great New Year!  We will be taking holiday photos of all our clients thru the end of Dec. from 1-3 Saturday and 12-2 Sunday. Drop on by it's free and we special deals on 2019 classes and programs! From l-r: Laura and Brix, Tom and Lilly, Vern and Lilly, Sharon and Shasta, Michelle and Hamilton.

      Like the diehard agility folks we are we're now open  year 'round with evening classes held under the lights at 6 and 7 pm. Our state-of-the-art course is Astroturf sitting upon 8 inches of drainage rock surrounded by 200 feet of French drain, so if the sky ain't crying, the course is dryin'. We only cancel class during showers or after a particularly hard day's long downpour.

     As the days grow longer we will add more evening weekday classes along with our weekend morning classes. Check the schedule inside for class times and class descriptions.

Tom and his speedy little Lilly started in puppy class and are now in Intro!

Nathan, handled by Maddie, is high flying at his evening class, you'll see both in competition this summer.

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This Lilly belongs to Jan and Vern and has also been with us since a pup and is now in Intro agility running an entire course. Here she demonstrates a "sit pretty " in her holiday outfit.


Happy Holidays to All!

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