We Need PT Agility Trainers, Will Train!

     As a group, herding dogs are the most often returned dogs to shelters and rescues, setting them up for possible death. Often the reason for the returns are nuisance or boredom behaviors: excess barking, digging, chewing or escaping. That is because herding dogs must have a job to do. They are not content with a nightly walk.

     To help keep these dogs in their adopted homes Astro's is offering free training to dogs and owners about herding dogs. We are using Agility as path to increase bonding, eliminate nuissance behavior and make these beautiful breeds happy urban pets. We are called Aarrf, An Agility-based Rescue and Rehab Foundation and a 501 (c)3 corporation. In addition to offering free training we will offer returning veterans lifetime free training as Agility has proven to be a powerful took in helping them reassimilate. For more inforation and to donate go to www.aaarrf.org.


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Winter 2019 Class Descriptions/Pricing


     For pups with all their Parvo shots and 7 months or over we teach the basic sit, down, stay, walk easy, leave it and most important, come commands. We work on dog and people manners and also teach owner's their responsibilities as such. We introduce the puppies to agility equipment and also work on socialization.

     For pups 7-11 months we rehearse the basic commands, but do more agility and some low jumping plus socialization. Both classes are drop-ins at $20 per class.



     For dogs 11 months and older we teach each obstacle, basic verbal commands, how to use body language to steer the dog, speed techniques and rules of the game. Usually, only one dog is on the course at a time. Dogs will run at least two courses, then work on individual obstacle expertise.

      Most dogs stay at this level for 18 - 24 weeks. Classes are held in 6 week blocks, $150 per block, $25/class.


     This class is for those dogs that have mastered most obstacles and handlers that know how to steer their dogs. This classes works on advanced skills for faster runs and greater distance between the dog and handler. These are 6 week blocks, $150 per block, $25/class.


     For dogs that have learned most obstacles and handlers that understand how to steer their dogs this course features the other games that are played in competition. This include Jumps with Weaves, Barrels, Chances, FAST and other AKC, NADAC and CPE Courses. This is a drop in class, $25/class. It is usually used by clients preparing for a specific trial


Little Dog Agility

     Little dogs run as fast and are maybe more speedy than big dogs--just think how many more times those little paws have to fly to run a course under 40 seconds!

     They also melt your heart. Their antics are side-splitting funny--but they don't want to be laughed at! They take their jobs seriously. Join us with a new little dog, or just come for the fun on Saturdays at noon.

     These little tikes can be lost in a group class so we have formed a class just for agility dogs 16 pounds and under. We all have a blast, off leash, with no worries of big dogs. Held on a drop in basis, $20/class.


     Laura is an AKC evaluator for Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Tricks titles. If you only need to be tested, AKC $20 fee to file the paperwork and add the title to your dog's pedigree.

     If you need more prep work, you can call and set up a 4-week course in CGC for $100, or a 2-week tricks course for $50. Both include the evaluation, but you will still be responsible for the $20 filing fee.

      If you're interested, ask Laura to give you the requirements for each title. These are also available at the akc.com website.


     Joining any Astro's class entitles you to use the course for practice when there are not regularly scheduled classes. Afterall, how can you practice without the equipment?

Should you decide you don't want to compete, or just want a break from regular classes, or, are so darn good you don't need classes anymore you can always sign up just for use of the Facility. The 2019 prices is $45 per month.